Intermediate French summer programs in France

The Intermediate French summer program aims to improve your understanding of French grammar, work on your pronunciation and phonetics and to expand your vocabulary. This two week French summer program will raise your French language skills from Intermediate to Advanced level.

If you have already studied French before or perhaps you are currently living in France, you will recognise the limitations of your spoken and written French. Maybe you are feeling frustrated that your French language skills are not advancing, or perhaps you are feeling that it is going backwards!!. Not to worry, we all go through this feeling. In actual fact, it is a crucial part of the language learning process.  Learning French is not a linear process. Our learning goes up in steps, in peaks and troughs. Once we have identified the need to improve, we are then ready to improve.

The primary benefit of a French immersions course is that it advances your French language skills at a much faster pace. Normally you will be working on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis with encouragement all the way from our experienced tutors. There is nowhere to hide and equally you are free to stop and ask any questions you need. You will be learning French surrounded by typical French village life and your newly acquired French language skills will be put immediately into practice.


Intermediate French summer programs in France.

A typical Intermediate French immersion course at the Tara French Immersion School will raise your French language skills up to Advanced level in two weeks. This in turn builds your confidence to speak French more and more and to really push your boundaries. You will absorb the French language even without realising. The Intermediate French summer programs offered by the Tara French Immersion School provide a fun and relaxed environment in which you can enjoy learning the French language. Speaking, thinking and even dreaming in French will come naturally to you - and what comes naturally, will be preserved.


Intermediate French summer programs at Tara French Immersion School

The prices for an Intermediate French summer program at the Tara French Immersion School start at €900 per person per week. A two week Intermediate French summer program costs €1700 for per person. A discount for couples is available. See Intermediate French summer program fees for more details.

Accommodation prices start from €50 per night (see Intermediate French summer program accommodation prices for more details).

If you would like to find out more about the Intermediate French summer programs in France at the Tara French Immersion School, then please call Dominique on 00 33 (0)6 85 14 04 65 for an informal discussion about your personal needs. Alternatively, send Dominique an email at Tara French Immersion School.