French language courses

DSC01801Our French language courses are taught by Dominique, an experienced and qualified “Professeur de Lettres” who has pupils from 6 to 82!

Born in Dijon, Dominique studied and taught at the Sorbonne University in Paris but also at Tower Hamlet School for girls in London. She has been teaching in Education Nationale for more than 30 years in schools ranging from the elitist Chantilly to the rough banlieues of Paris. She loved it all.

Best compliment from school children:

Dominique to the class: “I would have loved to be a clown”

The class spontaneously;” but you are, miss!”

The French language courses are structured around you. Dominique takes into consideration your needs, your current French language ability and your learning style. Based on this she then tailors a course for you.


French language courses

My French School offers 3 levels of French language courses:

  • Beginners - débutant
  • Intermediate - intermédiaire
  • Advanced - avancé

These are all based on the Sorbonne integrated courses.

Preparation to DELF exams on requirement: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1

All courses are taught as “modules” over a period of two weeks. Students with limited time may undertake a programme of just one week; the majority of students who stay for two weeks complete one level and reach the next level, i.e. moving from beginner to intermediate within two weeks.

The courses cover grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, culture, and way of life with an emphasis on being able to speak and understand quickly.

All levels and abilities are catered for. If you have a problem with language block or dyslexia, don’t worry we can have fun and work it out together.

Programs' contents by competence level:

Complete beginner: A0

You will achieve a basic knowledge of the language as well as the necessary vocabulary to express ideas.

False beginner:  A1

You will be able to structure your knowledge by studying language grammar and structures and develop your vocabulary.

Elementary: A2

You will develop your communication competences in French in order to express yourself easily and clearly.

Intermediate: Levels B1,B2.

You will get deeper knowledge and will be able to express yourself by using more complex sentences.

Advanced:Levels C1, C2.

You will perfect your knowledge of French culture and civilisation, explore more idiomatic expressions at a level that will allow you to speak French fluently and master the different levels of speech, i.e,formal, current and colloquial levels.

European Standard Programs:

The contents of our courses are according to the Common European Framework for Languages.This classification allows you to measure your progress at every level of your studies.